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Synthesis Technology E520 Hyperion Processor, Silver

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Product number: CV3760

Hyperion Stereo Effects Processor

  • +12V 240mA
    -12V 65mA
    +5V 0mA
    Width 48HP
    Depth 35mm


Hyperion Stereo Effects Processor

The E520 Hyperion is a mono/stereo in, stereo out effects module. Powered by a 480MHz ARM Cortex M7 CPU, the E520 has 64MB on on-board SDRAM for recording up to 6min of stereo audio at 48KHz sample rate. The LCD screen and optical encoder navigation uses the same 'shallow' menu scheme of our E352 and E370 modules, with the addition of 4 'soft keys' for selecting options without having to leave the main page. The E520 uses a premium audio path not usually found in Eurorack. Crystal Semi CODECs, TI OPA-series op amps (in the audio sections) are used along with low-noise, dedicated LDO voltage regulators for a clean, full soundstage. Audio conversion uses 48KHz sample rate, 24bit resolution with a line or synth level setting. The Input and Output gains can be independently set for Line or Modular levels. This allows direct interfacing to DAWs/audio interfaces without a mixer or VCA stage. It also makes interfacing from your old keyboard synths/drum machines into your modular gear quick and easy.

Currently, there are 26 different algorithms included with the E520, and more can be added in the future as internal memory allows. Each algorithm can have up to 4 PARAMETERS under voltage control. The initial value of a PARAMETER is set by a panel knob, and then external CVs of up to +-5V at 10KHz can be applied. In addition, most algorithms employ feedback which can be modulated by external CVs as well. Typical PARAMETERs are delay time, LFO speeds, pitch shift amount and many others. The row of 'soft keys' are usually 1-3 for algorithm selections (such as range of Delay Time) while the 4th is a BYPASS function. Some algorithms use the TAP TEMPO button for tapping in Delay Time, LFO Speed or similar functions. Other algorithms repurpose the TAP TEMPO as a 'FREEZE' or 'HOLD function. The SYNC IN jack can be used like the TAP TEMPO functions, but driven by a clock or Gate signal.

The E520 has a unique 'dual chained mono' mode, where either:
• different algorithms cam be placed on Left and Right channels (for example Shimmer on Left and the Voder filter on Right). This can be thought of as 2 Mono Ins, and 2 Mono Outs.
• 2 algorithms can be 'chained' , where the Left algorithm internally feds the Right algorithm. This is a Mono In, Stereo Out signal chain (both Left Out and Right Out can be used).
• *Chaining of stereo effects is not possible due to limitations of internal memory and the DSP speed required to maintain the 48KHz sample rate.

Algorithms in the E520 fall into 3 categories
• Time Domain Effects - delay, chorus, phase shifting/flanging, frequency shifting and others.
• Frequency Domain (Spectral) Effects - Our unique Spectral Crusher, vocoder, time-stretching and others.
• Utility - frequency and level measurements

*For the current full listing of all E520 Effects and details about each algorithm, please visit Synthesis Technology's website to download the PDF.

The E520 is designed to fit into a 4ms Pod48X powered desktop case.

In the Box
• The module itself
• Eurorack Power Cable


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