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Circadian Rhythms, White, USED

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Product number: CV2293

Trigger Sequencer For Modular Music Composers

  • +12V 160mA
    -12V 0mA
    +5V 0mA
    Width 36HP
    Depth 30mm


Trigger Sequencer For Modular Music Composers

Circadian Rhythms moves modular synthesizer technology another step forward by gluing all the pieces of a system together. Each module or voice can now be programmed to play straight from an intelligent eight channel, 512 step master trigger sequencer made for composers looking to make music on the modular. Building on the sequencing concept of step programing, multichannel patterns of musical phrases can be repeated, looped, chained, muted and manipulated on the fly in real time; and most importantly, all of this is done through a simple, clearly labeled interface. An array of multicolor illuminated buttons and innovative grid views provide a highly functional live performance sequencer with a beautiful glowing appearance reflecting the programmed music that will look amazing on stage for both performer and crowd. As a master controller, the heart of the modular synthesizer, Circadian Rhythms generates high precision clock and reset signals for all the other sequencers and devices in the system to align with and can also act as a high precision bridge for DAW synchronization.

Views - Unlike most hardware sequencers that have a single static display of a timeline, Circadian Rhythms offers four different horizontal views of the timeline and two unique vertical views that scale from macro to micro. Switch between viewing 64 steps at once or all 8 channels side by side instantly. Stretch gates over multiple patterns to drive envelopes or use Zoom view to move a single hit back a few milliseconds in time to get the right feel all from the same interface.

LED Grid Built for Quick Access - Built around 72 buttons set as a multiocolor illuminated 8x9 array, Circadian Rhythms displays both note data and settings in a clear and precise manner.  It takes only one click to switch to vertical view and the grid turns into a set of programming and realtime playing functions including Mutes, Loops, Swing, Fills, Copy and Pate, Grouping, Randomizing, Manual trigger entry drum machine style and many many more. Activate any of those functions with only a button press or two.

Clock - Inside the CR ticks an extremely precise clock with jitter and latency measured in mere microseconds for the ultimate feel of groove. The four modes of clock sync make interfacing with other modules, hardware or software simple. Whether driving a large Eurorack system or synced to a DAW, the groove always remains tight.

SyncBus Technology - The TipTop Audio designed Syncbus enables the CR to connect to any number of other Syncbus devices with the highest possible level of synchronization. A Syncbus master directly injects its core clock and running status into every connected unit so they work seamlessly as one device.  Hook up two CRs to make a 16 channel device or add a Trigger Riot (or three) to the mix for further experimentation. Plus, the connection is done behind the panel so no need to patch anything up.

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