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Stereo Field

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Product number: CV2788

One Instrument with Three Uses


Stereo Field

STEREO FIELD is one instrument with three uses. It is simultaneously a stereo/quad modular touch plate feedback synthesizer, a stereo/quad audio processor and a pressure sensitive chaotic CV "controller". All three uses are available separately as well as simultaneously and in conversation with each other. The Stereo Field allows its user to manipulate and patch two analog stereo preamp circuits via touch plates. By utilizing skin conductivity as new paths for current to follow you are creating "new circuits" and new sounds in relation to where your fingers are patching. The individual touch plates are directly connected to nearly every connection point of every component in its circuitry (located directly under each corresponding touch plate).

When touched with multiple fingers it will create atonal analog feedback with either of the two mirrored circuits represented by interlocking touch-plate circles. The resulting feedback can go beyond the abilities of human hearing (Take caution!) and down to the very slow clicks of a pulse waveform and both can often be happening simultaneously . These parallel mirrored circuits can be finger patched separately or together yielding vastly different chaotic results in regards to texture, timbre and stereo imaging. This instrument has the ability to create atonal synth tones in stereo (and quad) as well as process incoming stereo audio (and quad) sources via 1/4" and 3.5mm ins and outs. Incoming audio sources can be "patched" or rewoven into any area of either or both of the circuits via skin contact.

There is a type of collaboration that happens with the Stereo Field as sometimes you will be reacting to what it is doing and other times you will be attempting to control and shape what it is doing but most of the time you will be doing both simultaneously.

• Immersion gold touch plate interface
• Stereo 1/4" L/R inputs, 1/4" L/R outputs on rear of unit (outputs/inputs audio through both circuits)
• Quad 3.5mm inputs (2x L/R mirrored pairs corresponding to each of the two circuits, can be used for CV, audio or both)
• Quad 3.5mm outputs (2x L/R mirrored pairs corresponding to each of the two circuits, can be used for CV, audio or both)
• As a CV "Controller" it will output approximately 3.8v to -3.8v depending on hand placement and input/output volume settings.
• 8 x touch plates corresponding to each of the 8 x 3.5mm jacks for touch interaction with i/o cable patch points
• 2 x stereo input volume knobs (for vastly changing touch plate interaction as well as incoming audio/CV levels)
• 2 x stereo output volume knobs (for changing touch plate interaction as well as outgoing audio/CV levels)

Physical Specifications
• Format: Desktop
• Dimensions: 10" x 5.75" x 1.5" Aluminum and Maple enclosure
• Weight: 2.5lbs

Electrical Specifications
• Power: 9v Regulated (tip +) US power supply (100-240V AC)

In the Box
• Stereofield
• Power Supply

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