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MRCC MIDI Router Control Center

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Product number: CV4575

Reinventing the Classic MIDI Router


Reinventing the Classic MIDI Router

Routing, filtering, MIDI monitoring, and more are at your finger tips without needing a computer application for configuration. It will change the way you approach MIDI workflow when changing which controllers or DAW track are sending to which synths; when it takes just a couple of button presses you don’t switch out of your creative space into IT mode. Studio life just got a lot better.

Massive MIDI I/O: 11 inputs and 17 outputs, including 5 PIN DINs, 3.5MM MIDI jacks in both flavors, 4 USB host ports, and a USB MIDI class compliant client (PC, Mac, tablet, etc.) connection with 12 MIDI ports.  With automatic merging, MIDI master clock with CV clock out, filtering and MIDI effects, and MIDI message monitoring. Save your patches and recall them with Program Change or on the screen. Our customers say they were waiting all of their life for this!

It’s super deluxe: featuring one button routing for each physical input and output, RGB LEDs, and OLED graphical display, everything can be easily setup without a PC. Unlike devices with front and rear facing connectors, MRCC’s vertical ports are designed to use the smallest footprint, saving your desk space for more synths! MRCC is Rack mountable too, with the available 2U Rack Ears. See them in our shop, or check with your local music equipment shop.

User Centered Design

All MIDI cables plug vertically into the top panel which frees up valuable table space. The top panel graphics connect each button-jack pair so you know exactly which device you are routing or filtering.

Routing MIDI paths and configuring MIDI filters is easy with the full color LEDs and the one button per input / one button per output front panel layout.

Modern Connectivity

11 inputs and 17 outputs, including 5 PIN DINs, 3.5MM MIDI jacks (in both type A and type B flavors), 4 USB host ports (with 4 virtual USB MIDI input ports each), and a USB MIDI interface client connection with 12 USB MIDI virtual ports. Everything you could want for connecting MIDI gear in your studio.


  • 11 in x 17 out routable and filtered MIDI ports (19 output connections counting MIDI thru ports)
  • Automatically merges Inputs, when routing to a common output.
  • Message filters – clock, note on/off, CC, prog change, & Stop/Start/Continue
  • Mappings – velocity scaling, channel splitter mod, & 12 PC virtual cables on the PC port. Each USB host port has 4 USB MIDI virtual In cables and one out. You needed 4 Ins for The NDLR, right?
  • Tools - Save/Load (127) presets*, MIDI routing tests for all ports and channels, & Visual MIDI monitors
  • MIDI CC control for MRCC Arpeggiators and Clock
  • CV Clock Out, for use with MRCC internally generated clock w/ configurable PPQ (1, 2, 4 and 24PPQ). 5V or 12V selectable
  • Connect MRCC to another MRCC with an Ethernet cable. With remote output routing! MIDI panic (shift + encoder)
  • Multiple Arpeggiators
  • Keyboard Splits and layers
  • Velocity mapping (e.g., compress velocity from 0-127 to 0-100 for DX7)
  • CC mapping and scaling. Velocity and aftertouch can map to CCs (e.g., Volca FM CC for velocity, or use for modulating synth parameters)
  • Port labeling with a compatible (US) USB keyboard. Auto learning USB device labels plus built in labels
  • Hal 1999 AI reads your mind menu system. Press the encoder to jump between context appropriate screens
  • MIDI message indicators on Routing screens (you won’t know how you lived without this), including channel and clock indicators
  • Full matrix routing monitor with clock source indicator(s)
  • MIDI message monitor
  • RGB LED light shows, including MIDI Port activity and MIDI Notes activity

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